GSoC 2017 - First evaluation

The first evaluation period is here, I have already sent in my evaluation so I thought I would recap the state of the project.

During the first two weeks or so, I mostly focused on features in Mailman Core that would be necessary for making a plugin like this work, my MRs introduce an easy to use/configure plugin infrastructure. Where plugins can provide components and even custom REST routes in Mailman Core. This with just installing the plugin into the same environment as Mailman Core and some config additions. Also some minor additions of selecting the list style on creation in Postorius and appropriate changes in mailman-client.

During the last two weeks I focused on work on the mailman-pgp plugin itself, along with its helper plugin mailman-rest-events. The REST events plugin is finished, apart from some tests and bug-fixing and it does its job of sending Mailman Core events to RESTful application endpoints fine.

The mailman-pgp plugin currently has working list-key generation, decryption in incoming runner, signature checking rule and general inline and PGP/MIME message handling utilities. I also got its tests to work with Mailman Core test layers so it can be actually integration tested as it would work with Mailman Core. Along with that I setup Gitlab CI pipelines with coverage testing and currently tests pass!

As I worked in PGP handling in messages I needed a good python PGP library, which I found, but since some features mailman-pgp requires were not implemented/buggy I made quite a lot of PRs to this library as well.

Key management is the next thing I would like to work on after finishing tests of the current implementation. After that outgoing message encryption and signing. When these things work I would then move on to implement the appropriate things in the django-pgpmailman web app which hooks into Postorius and HyperKitty.

Overall I am quite confident in where the project is now. Seeing it run tests with Mailman Core running and pass (just some basic tests atm) feels good.