Ján Jančár

I do stuff with ECC, sometimes with smart-cards.
Now with side-channels.

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  • sec-certs.org: A project analysing the security certifications (Common Criteria and FIPS 140) landscape.
  • Minerva: A group of side-channel vulnerabilities in implementations of ECDSA in programmable smart cards and cryptographic software libraries.
  • ecgen: A tool for generating elliptic curve domain parameters.
  • ECTester: A toolkit for testing elliptic curve cryptography implementations on the JavaCard platform and in software libraries.
  • pyecsca: A toolkit for reverse engineering of black-box elliptic curve cryptography implementations using side-channel analysis.
  • std: A database of standard curves.
  • This website. Running on Flask on ArchLinuxARM on a Raspberry Pi DigitalOcean.
  • Some more-or-less working Ludum Dare game jam entries: Sphaera, Transmuto [play] and World Factory.