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Standard curve database


This page contains a list of standardised elliptic curves, collected from many standards by the team at Centre for Research on Cryptography and Security. For our other ECC related projects see:

  • ECTester: A tool for testing black-box ECC implementations
  • DiSSECT: A tool for analysis of standard elliptic curves using traits.
  • pyecsca: A Python Elliptic Curve Side-Channel Analysis toolkit, focusing on reverse-engineering ECC implementations
  • ecgen: A tool for generating EC domain parameters

The curve listing includes its parameters, computed characteristics such as number of points or j-invariant as well as SAGE code which can be used to instantiate the curve and a JSON export of all of the curve data. New curves are currently being added, the database is definitely not complete. This site also contains documentation of the several methods of generating elliptic curves which are in the database.

The presence of a certain curve in this database does not mean that the curve is secure, only that it is notable enough or that someone suggested its use in a publication or a standard. We made a best effort attempt to make sure all parameters presented here are correct, however mistakes could have happened on data import and thus double-checking with the source document is recommended. The database currently contains 240 curves, out of which 192 are unique.


  • Jan Jancar
  • Vladimir Sedlacek

Thanks to Anh Minh Tran, Jan Dusatko, Jan Kubesa and Vojtech Suchanek for providing some of the curve data.

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