GSoC 2017 - Another quick update

Just a quick update about the state of the project before I disappear from civilization for this weekend.

Pluggable workflows#

MR @ gitlab

I have now finally got the pluggable workflows branch to test succesfully! With workflows being loaded dynamically, with workflow steps being saved completely, full backward compatibility, also database migrations and REST backward compatibility.

That branch is still missing more tests for diffcov to pass.

^^python 3.4 CI envs are currently broken, since aiosmtpd 1.1 is python 3.5 only, so don’t mind that.

Key management#

branch @ gitlab

Building up on the pluggable workflows I have a base implementation of how the subscribers key gets to the mailing list and its moderator and also of how it’s confirmed.


MR @ gitlab

During this week I also got to add SMTP over SSL/TLS support to aiosmtpd, a lib which Mailman uses for it’s SMTP tests, so with that the SMTPS+STARTTLS MR has tests which pass and I think is ready for merging. Thanks Barry for the quick responses and help debugging over at aiosmtpd!

Next up#

For next week I plan on cleaning up the pluggable workflows branch, finishing the pre-subscription key management, implementing after-subscription key management as well as getting back on track with documenting the mailman-pgp architecture and changes at the pgpmailman-proposal repo, which has been lacking.