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import numpy as np
from .base import TraceSet
from os.path import exists, isfile, join
from configparser import ConfigParser
from public import public

from ..trace import Trace

[docs]@public class ChipWhispererTraceSet(TraceSet): """ChipWhisperer trace set (native) format.""" def __init__(self, path: str = None, name: str = None): if path is None and name is None: super().__init__() else: data = self.__read_data(path, name) trace_data = data["traces"] traces = [Trace(None, None, trace_samples, trace_set=self) for trace_samples in trace_data] del data["traces"] config = self.__read_config(path, name) super().__init__(*traces, **data, **config) def __read_data(self, path, name): types = {"keylist": None, "knownkey": None, "textin": None, "textout": None, "traces": None} for type in types.keys(): type_path = join(path, name + "_" + type + ".npy") if exists(type_path) and isfile(type_path): types[type] = np.load(type_path, allow_pickle=True) return types def __read_config(self, path, name): config_path = join(path, "config_" + name + "_.cfg") if exists(config_path) and isfile(config_path): config = ConfigParser() return config["Trace Config"] else: return {} def __repr__(self): return "ChipWhispererTraceSet()"