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from public import public
from typing import List

from ..trace import Trace

[docs]@public class TraceSet(object): _traces: List = [] _keys: List = [] def __init__(self, *traces: Trace, **kwargs): self._traces = list(traces) self.__dict__.update(kwargs) self._keys = list(kwargs.keys()) def __len__(self): """Return the number of traces.""" return len(self._traces) def __getitem__(self, index) -> Trace: """Get the trace at `index`.""" return self._traces[index] def __iter__(self): """Iterate over the traces.""" yield from self._traces def __repr__(self): args = ", ".join(["{}={!r}".format(key, getattr(self, key)) for key in self._keys]) return "TraceSet({})".format(args)