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from copy import copy
from typing import Mapping, Any

from public import public

from .context import Action
from .coordinates import AffineCoordinateModel, CoordinateModel
from .mod import Mod, Undefined
from .op import CodeOp

[docs]@public class CoordinateMappingAction(Action): """A mapping of a point from one coordinate system to another one, usually one is an affine one.""" model_from: CoordinateModel model_to: CoordinateModel point: "Point" def __init__(self, model_from: CoordinateModel, model_to: CoordinateModel, point: "Point"): super().__init__() self.model_from = model_from self.model_to = model_to self.point = point def __repr__(self): return f"{self.__class__.__name__}(from={self.model_from}, to={self.model_to}, {self.point})"
[docs]@public class Point(object): """A point with coordinates in a coordinate model.""" coordinate_model: CoordinateModel coords: Mapping[str, Mod] def __init__(self, model: CoordinateModel, **coords: Mod): if not set(model.variables) == set(coords.keys()): raise ValueError self.coordinate_model = model self.coords = coords def __getattribute__(self, name): if "coords" in super().__getattribute__("__dict__"): coords = super().__getattribute__("coords") if name in coords: return coords[name] return super().__getattribute__(name)
[docs] def to_affine(self) -> "Point": """Convert this point into the affine coordinate model, if possible.""" affine_model = AffineCoordinateModel(self.coordinate_model.curve_model) with CoordinateMappingAction(self.coordinate_model, affine_model, self): if isinstance(self.coordinate_model, AffineCoordinateModel): return copy(self) ops = set() for s in self.coordinate_model.satisfying: try: ops.add(CodeOp(s)) except Exception: pass result_variables = set(map(lambda x: x.result, ops)) if not result_variables.issuperset(affine_model.variables): raise NotImplementedError result = {} for op in ops: if op.result not in affine_model.variables: continue result[op.result] = op(**self.coords) return Point(affine_model, **result)
[docs] @staticmethod def from_affine(coordinate_model: CoordinateModel, affine_point: "Point") -> "Point": """Convert an affine point into a given coordinate model, if possible.""" with CoordinateMappingAction(affine_point.coordinate_model, coordinate_model, affine_point): if not isinstance(affine_point.coordinate_model, AffineCoordinateModel): raise ValueError result = {} n = affine_point.coords["x"].n for var in coordinate_model.variables: #  XXX: This just works for the stuff currently in EFD. if var == "X": result[var] = affine_point.coords["x"] elif var == "Y": result[var] = affine_point.coords["y"] elif var.startswith("Z"): result[var] = Mod(1, n) elif var == "T": result[var] = Mod(affine_point.coords["x"] * affine_point.coords["y"], n) else: raise NotImplementedError return Point(coordinate_model, **result)
[docs] def equals(self, other: Any) -> bool: """Test whether this point is equal to `other` irrespective of the coordinate model (in the affine sense).""" if not isinstance(other, Point): return False if self.coordinate_model.curve_model != other.coordinate_model.curve_model: return False return self.to_affine() == other.to_affine()
def __eq__(self, other): if not isinstance(other, Point): return False if self.coordinate_model != other.coordinate_model: return False return self.coords == other.coords def __hash__(self): return hash(self.coords) + 1 def __str__(self): args = ", ".join([f"{key}={val}" for key, val in self.coords.items()]) return f"[{args}]" def __repr__(self): return f"Point([{str(self)}] in {self.coordinate_model})"
[docs]@public class InfinityPoint(Point): """A point at infinity.""" def __init__(self, model: CoordinateModel): coords = {key: Undefined() for key in model.variables} super().__init__(model, **coords)
[docs] def to_affine(self) -> "InfinityPoint": return InfinityPoint(AffineCoordinateModel(self.coordinate_model.curve_model))
[docs] @staticmethod def from_affine(coordinate_model: CoordinateModel, affine_point: "Point") -> "InfinityPoint": raise NotImplementedError
[docs] def equals(self, other) -> bool: return self == other
def __eq__(self, other): if type(other) is not InfinityPoint: return False else: return self.coordinate_model == other.coordinate_model def __str__(self): return "Infinity" def __repr__(self): return f"InfinityPoint({self.coordinate_model})"