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from public import public

from .curve import EllipticCurve
from .point import Point

[docs]@public class AbelianGroup(object): """A (sub)group of an elliptic curve.""" curve: EllipticCurve generator: Point neutral: Point order: int cofactor: int def __init__(self, curve: EllipticCurve, generator: Point, neutral: Point, order: int, cofactor: int): self.curve = curve self.generator = generator self.neutral = neutral self.order = order self.cofactor = cofactor
[docs] def is_neutral(self, point: Point) -> bool: return self.neutral == point
def __eq__(self, other): if not isinstance(other, AbelianGroup): return False return self.curve == other.curve and self.generator == other.generator and self.neutral == other.neutral and self.order == other.order and self.cofactor == other.cofactor