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from typing import MutableMapping, Union

from public import public

from .coordinates import CoordinateModel
from .mod import Mod
from .model import CurveModel
from .point import Point

[docs]@public class EllipticCurve(object): model: CurveModel coordinate_model: CoordinateModel prime: int parameters: MutableMapping[str, Mod] def __init__(self, model: CurveModel, coordinate_model: CoordinateModel, prime: int, parameters: MutableMapping[str, Union[Mod, int]]): if coordinate_model not in model.coordinates.values(): raise ValueError if set(model.parameter_names).symmetric_difference(parameters.keys()): raise ValueError self.model = model self.coordinate_model = coordinate_model = prime self.parameters = {} for name, value in parameters.items(): if isinstance(value, Mod): if value.n != prime: raise ValueError else: value = Mod(value, prime) self.parameters[name] = value
[docs] def is_on_curve(self, point: Point) -> bool: if point.coordinate_model.curve_model != self.model: return False loc = {**self.parameters, **point.to_affine().coords} return eval(compile(self.model.equation, "", mode="eval"), loc)
def __eq__(self, other): if not isinstance(other, EllipticCurve): return False return self.model == other.model and self.coordinate_model == other.coordinate_model and == and self.parameters == other.parameters def __str__(self): return "EllipticCurve" def __repr__(self): params = ", ".join((f"{key}={val}" for key, val in self.parameters.items())) return f"{self.__class__.__name__}([{params}] on {self.model} using {self.coordinate_model})"