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## Mailman-pgp
- [repository@gitlab](
+ - [docs@rtd](
- Plugin for Mailman Core.
- Enables creating a PGP mailing list, which has a list key, can receive and serve messages encrypted, can sign and receive signed messages from subscribers.
- Creates the `key` email command, which is used for per-address user key management.
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- [mailmanclient/split-sources](, merged
- [postorius/list-style-selection](
+ - [postorius/fix/middleware-exception](
+ - [postorius/fix/mailmanclient-split](
+ - [django-mailman3/fix/middleware-exception](
- Many many PRs to [PGPy](, a Python only implementation of OpenPGP. [19 PRs]( and counting. As PGPy was not and still is not feature complete in regards to RFC4880 I found out many times that it's missing features/bugs broke mailman-pgp CI. It would not make sense fixing them locally, both from a software design perspective and open source software one aswell. \ No newline at end of file