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- `PGPAddress` - Stores plugin specific metadata of an address. Stores the address key fingerprint and whether it was confirmed. The address public key is stored in a configurable key directory and looked up by the key fingerprint. Is created during the first subscription of a given address to a PGP enabled mailing list in the respective `SubscriptionWorkflow`.
- `PGPSigHash` - Stores a pair, signature digest and key fingerprint from the signature. Used to stop replay attacks. Every successful posting to a PGP enabled mailing list is checked for signatures and their hashes are entered into this db.
+ - `mta`
+ - `PGPBulkDelivery` - A PGP enabled bulk delivery, throws user keyids to preserve anonymity.
+ - `PGPIndividualDelivery` - A PGP enabled individual delivery.
+ - `deliver` - The custom `outgoing` callable which chooses the appropriate PGP delivery classes for a PGP enabled mailing list.
- `rest` - Module that exposes plugin-specific REST api, which will be used by the `django-pgpmailman` app. With the `/plugins/pgp/` root.
- `/lists/<list-id>` - For setting per-list configuration options: bounce/discard non-signed, bounce/discard non-encrypted.
- `/lists/<list-id>/key` - For getting the list-key.