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Update core_changes with pluggable workflows and current state.
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- `configuration:` optional configuration path, which the plugin can use to read/write it's configuration file.
2. Let plugins add Pipelines the same way they can add Handlers, Rules etc...
- - [MR !287](
+ - [<s>MR !287</s> merged](
- This means refactoring `BasePipeline`, `OwnerPipeline`, `PostingPipeline`, `VirginPipeline` from `` into a package `mailman.pipelines`
- Use `find_components`, or rather it's sibling function created in 1.
@@ -27,10 +27,10 @@
4. Allow multiple callables in `pre_hook` and `post_hook` run in order specified. Also allow callables for when Mailman exits.
- [MR !288](
- - Already a similar [MR #264](
+ - Already a similar [MR !264](
5. Allow Mailman core to send events to Postorius, HyperKitty and any app that subscribes through a new REST api call with a callback.
- - Also add an `IEvent` interface, as currently events don't implement any interface at all.
+ - Implemented in the [mailman-rest-events]( plugin.
6. Drop `ext_dir`.
- [MR !288](
@@ -45,12 +45,19 @@
9. Add `description` attribute to `IStyle` and the default styles, so that mailing list styles have some human readable string to show.
- [MR !289](
- 9. ? Make all commands be able to require confirmation and make this a configurable option.
- - How?
- - Abstract out confirmation of commands (is actually almost there with Pendables)
- - Add another field to `MailingList` model, for a list of commands that require confirmation for that list?
- 10. ?? Add a new attribute to several core models (MailingList, User, Address, ...) in which plugins can store metadata about said objects. This attribute woul be a PickleType, really a dict with, plugin-names as keys. Each plugin could access its and only its metadata attached to a given object.
+ 10. Refactor Subscription and Unsubscription workflow to allow a plugin to add steps to it's state machine.
+ - Introduces `IWorkflow` interface for the workflow state machine.
+ - Allows the `WorkflowStateManager` to store more workflow steps than the current one and adds a migration for this change.
+ - Refactors the monolithic SubscriptionWorkflow and UnsubscriptionWorkflow classes to reusable mixins, allowing to deduplicate their code and create custom workflows.
+ - Dynamically loads all `IWorkflow` classes from Mailman core and plugins.
+ - Migrates the `subscription_policy` and `unsubscription_policy` attributes from the `SubscriptionPolicy` enum, to store the name of the respective SubscriptionWorkflow class, dynamically loaded.
+ - [MR !299](
+ - On top of [MR !300]( which instantiates components only in the `add_components` utility function and not at lower levels, since Workflow components need to be stored as classes and instantiated on use.
+ 11. Add SMTPS and STARTTLS support.
+ - Adds SMTP over SSL/TLS and STARTTLS SMTP extension support to the `BaseDelivery` class via specialized `Connection` classes.
+ - Creates a new `ISMTPConnection` interface, which `SMTPConnection`,`SMTPSConnection` and `STARTTLSConnection` implement.
+ - [MR !286](
## Proposed changes to MailmanClient