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## Proposed changes to Mailman core
1. Add configuration option similar to `config.styles.paths` but for general plugins. Paths in this list will be used to find components that Mailman will use, similar to `find_components` coupled with a standardized plugin structure:
- - [MR !288](
- `plugin package`
- `handlers`
- `rules`
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- `pipelines`
- `styles`
- `rest`
+ - [MR !288](
+ Adds a whole configuration section for plugins, where each plugin has the following options:
+ - name of the section
+ - `class:` a class implementing the new `IPlugin` interface.
+ - `path:` a python package available on `sys.path` under which the aforementioned plugin structure, searched for components, resides.
+ - `enable:` whether the plugin is enabled, only enabled plugins are searched for components, their classes instantiated, their hooks run and their REST routes exposed.
+ - `configuration:` optional configuration path, which the plugin can use to read/write it's configuration file.
2. Let plugins add Pipelines the same way they can add Handlers, Rules etc...
- [MR !287](
@@ -33,13 +39,14 @@
- [MR !288](
- Use the current `ObjectRouter` with plugins providing a REST object.
- 8. ? Make all commands be able to require confirmation and make this a configurable option.
+ 8. Add per-plugin config.
+ - [MR !288](
+ 9. ? Make all commands be able to require confirmation and make this a configurable option.
- How?
- Abstract out confirmation of commands (is actually almost there with Pendables)
- Add another field to `MailingList` model, for a list of commands that require confirmation for that list?
- 9. ? Add possibility of config inclusion to `mailman.cfg`, or of per-plugin config.
10. ?? Add a new attribute to several core models (MailingList, User, Address, ...) in which plugins can store metadata about said objects. This attribute woul be a PickleType, really a dict with, plugin-names as keys. Each plugin could access its and only its metadata attached to a given object.
## Proposed changes to MailmanClient
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2. Add bindings for `/plugins/<plugin_name>/...`.
- Pretty low-level, since each plugin can handle requests as it wants.
+ - [MR !34](
## Proposed changes to Postorius and HyperKitty
1. Add additional blocks to some base templates.
2. Add a dropdown list-style selection field to list creation template + view.
+ - [MR !214](
3. Let Postorius and HyperKitty subscribe to receive events from Mailman Core, add an API route to receive them in django-mailman3. \ No newline at end of file