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plugin: REST routes and database
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- `KeyEmailCommand` - Handles user key management through the `key` command.
- `KeyCLICommand`
+ - `database` - Plugin needs to store the user/address <-> user-key fingerprint mapping somehow, attached to Mailman's userobject would be the best but otherwise a custom data storage needs to be setup.
+ - `rest` - Module that exposes plugin-specific REST api, which will be used by the `django-pgpmailman` app. With `/plugins/pgpmailman/` root.
+ - `/list/<list-id>/key` - For getting the list-key.
+ - `/list/<list-id>/settings` - For seting per-list configuration options: bounce/discard non-signed, bounce/discard non-encrypted.
+ - `/user/<user-id>/key` - For getting, setting and revoking the user-key.
- `runners`
- `EncryptedIncomingRunner` - Decrypts incoming messages for encrypted mailing lists and checks their signatures before passing them to the default IncomingRunner. Messages to ordinary lists are passed to the default IncomingRunner wthout change.
- `EncryptedOutgoingRunner` - Encrypts and optionally signs for configured lists. This is a runner and not a Pipeline since we need to encrypt all outgoing messages, so digests, virgin messages, posts...
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- `initialize()` - A callable to be setup in a Mailman hook, to setup everything necessary for pgpmailman to run. Such as adding the `listname-key`@ subaddress, creating keyrings if not found, subscribing to events if necessary.
+ - `tearDown()` - A callable to be setup in a Mailman exit hook.
* `django-pgpmailman` - A Django app that extends Postorius and HyperKitty, also with an associated example_project that combines Postorius, HyperKitty while extending their templates and views seamlessly.
+ - `api`
+ - `/list/<list-id>/key` - For getting the list-archive public key.
+ - `templates` - Will have custom templates as well as templates overwriting and extending certain Postorius and HyperKitty templates.
## Instalation
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### Django app
-As any of Mailman's Django apps, will be packaged with an example_project with default configuration. \ No newline at end of file
+As any of Mailman's Django apps, will be packaged with an example_project with default configuration.
+## Documentation
+In order for site admins and users to use encrypted mailing lists responsibly, quite some amount of documentation is required, since misusing encrypted lists will make them uneffective. \ No newline at end of file