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* That's itHEADmasterJ08nY2017-04-2548-220/+1139
* Almost done here, still not really a game but, oh wellJ08nY2017-04-2535-99/+1098
* Some progressJ08nY2017-04-2468-916/+2262
* That's it for today, Compo is gone but might make the JamJ08nY2017-04-2446-221/+1067
* Add a bunch of stuffJ08nY2017-04-2353-310/+3408
* Thats it for tonight, got some good work in, lets see what tomorrow bringsJ08nY2017-04-2331-59/+722
* Some progress on main scene + combinatorJ08nY2017-04-2217-35/+1683
* Camera now rotates around worldsJ08nY2017-04-2219-1639/+325
* Add stuff, inherit meshes into scenesJ08nY2017-04-2241-25/+3255
* Add some base assets, begin work on world generationJ08nY2017-04-2226-2/+13867
* initJ08nY2017-04-223-0/+73
* Initial commitJ08nY2017-04-221-0/+21