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* Add conductor computation.HEADmasterJ08nY2019-08-025-8/+23
* Fix LTO.J08nY2019-04-032-5/+7
* Enable LTO.J08nY2019-03-263-3/+3
* Fix point generation log.J08nY2019-03-072-3/+1
* Fix threaded invalid curve generation.J08nY2019-03-072-13/+26
* Bump version.0.7.3J08nY2018-11-272-3/+3
* Fix travis, update PARI versions.J08nY2018-11-271-6/+6
* Add option to build ecgen with PARI linked statically.J08nY2018-07-162-1/+16
* Add git commit to built binary.J08nY2018-07-132-1/+15
* Check size of requested CM order when generating.J08nY2018-07-132-1/+10
* Fix Travis coverage.J08nY2018-07-122-9/+9
* Add more CM tests.J08nY2018-07-121-0/+9
* Bump gcc and clang versions on Travis.J08nY2018-07-121-5/+5
* Add option to specify order by factors.J08nY2018-07-129-28/+163
* Fix Travis.J08nY2018-07-1011-130/+12
* Do not leak memory in hex check.J08nY2018-07-091-2/+1
* Use exhaustive generation of some params in CM generation.J08nY2018-07-0915-103/+285
* Cleanup cm_prime curve construction.J08nY2018-07-072-49/+17
* Implement complex multiplication even for composite order curves.J08nY2018-07-078-89/+349
* Bump version.0.7.2J08nY2018-07-042-3/+3
* Fix computation of embedding degree.J08nY2018-07-042-3/+3
* Fix setting --points=none.J08nY2018-07-042-7/+4
* Add more tests for supersingular method.J08nY2018-07-022-4/+30
* Fix some edge cases of supersingular generation method.J08nY2018-07-024-10/+42
* Add method for generating supersingular curves.J08nY2018-07-028-41/+151
* Fix generating points on subgroup of order 2.J08nY2018-07-021-4/+11
* Update README.mdJ08nY2018-07-021-0/+55
* Print PARI debugging stuff on DEBUG=1.J08nY2018-07-011-0/+4
* Add util directory and jq script to transform into CSV.J08nY2018-06-308-17/+27
* Update parson version.J08nY2018-06-302-69/+112
* Fix discriminant check.J08nY2018-06-302-20/+9
* Implement computation of curve metadata(j-invariant, disc, frobenius, cm disc).J08nY2018-06-3011-4/+133
* Add check that bits in argument are indeed a number.J08nY2018-06-282-1/+6
* Bump version.0.7.1J08nY2018-04-302-3/+3
* Fix PARI stack leak in custom CM method.J08nY2018-04-222-8/+9
* Fix Makefile clean-all.J08nY2018-04-191-1/+1
* Add more real-world tests, compute and check orders of some SECG curves.J08nY2018-04-1713-70/+28
* Bump version.0.7.0J08nY2018-04-103-4/+4
* Add info about CM to README.J08nY2018-04-101-12/+22
* Merge branch 'feature/cm-retry'J08nY2018-04-1012-93/+594
| * Fix custom CM method.feature/cm-retryJ08nY2018-04-103-75/+18
| * Retry looking for the correct discriminant in CM.J08nY2018-04-102-63/+174
| * Properly handle edge-cases for CM method.J08nY2018-04-095-10/+35
| * Remove unused code in custom CM method.J08nY2018-04-091-53/+1
| * Add the custom CM method, finally working.J08nY2018-04-096-76/+194
| * Add p1363_polclass.J08nY2018-04-083-9/+57
| * Add test for P1363.J08nY2018-04-071-2/+19
| * Fix P1363 poly generation.J08nY2018-04-072-41/+80
| * Use computed precision in p1363.J08nY2018-04-077-75/+75
| * Add test for p1363_forms.J08nY2018-04-073-17/+71