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* Fix Nettle and LibreSSL implementations.HEADmasterJ08nY2019-12-286-58/+134
* Update Travis, add info about new supported libs.J08nY2019-12-255-17/+45
* Nettle support (#4)Michal Čech2019-12-2512-9/+765
* Add support for LibreSSL (#3)Ján Jančár2019-12-2514-24/+846
| * Add support for LibreSSLMatěj Grabovský2019-12-0814-24/+846
* | Add wolfSSL DSA bias to VULNS file.J08nY2019-12-111-1/+1
* Add VULNS file.J08nY2019-10-021-0/+18
* Add info on developing ECTester standalone modules to docs.J08nY2019-09-171-0/+14
* Update docs and README.J08nY2019-08-237-254/+384
* Update Jupyter notebooks, handle new stuff correctly, recompute nonces in ECDSA.J08nY2019-08-225-32/+1074
* Try to fix Travis builds.J08nY2019-08-181-2/+3
* Add --fixed option to standalone ECDSA.J08nY2019-08-181-2/+15
* Update and fix library building.J08nY2019-08-044-3/+4
* Unify native timing, add more timing sources.J08nY2019-07-2431-601/+452
* Better handle KeyBuilder and KeyPair construction in the applet.J08nY2019-07-185-11/+44
* Add option to use KeyBuilder.J08nY2019-07-1610-90/+192
* Fix Microsoft CNG provider.J08nY2019-07-114-148/+246
* Add MatrixSSL support.J08nY2019-07-1117-29/+783
* Write info about digest used to CSV files in standalone.J08nY2019-07-105-5/+49
* Update info on libs.J08nY2019-07-101-2/+7
* Merge branch 'feature/ippcp'J08nY2019-07-1015-15/+1138
| * Add Intel Performance Primitives Crypto support (ECDH and ECDSA).J08nY2019-07-105-3/+338
| * Add Intel Performance Primitives Crypto support (keygen).feature/ippcpJ08nY2019-07-0913-15/+803
* Add mbedTLS support.J08nY2019-07-0419-29/+978
* Update libs listing.J08nY2019-06-101-1/+3
* Fix nonce extraction exception.J08nY2019-03-281-8/+9
* Fix jupyter notebooks.J08nY2019-03-263-42/+44
* Optimize memory allocation in the applet.J08nY2019-03-222-54/+141
* Update notebooks.J08nY2019-03-215-156/+369
* Add tests to Jupyter notebooks.J08nY2019-03-184-260/+354
* Add backwards compatible search for applet in reader app.0.3.3J08nY2019-03-181-10/+43
* Bump version.J08nY2019-03-185-10/+10
* Merge branch 'devel'J08nY2019-03-1861-1169/+3142
| * Add customizable time resolution.develJ08nY2019-03-187-87/+93
| * Migrate plot scripts to Jupyter notebook format. Fix ECDSA nonce recovery.J08nY2019-03-188-304/+1906
| * Update libs.J08nY2019-03-151-2/+5
| * Fix chunking.J08nY2019-03-147-64/+75
| * Add better chunking support and detect it at runtime.J08nY2019-03-146-19/+35
| * Add custom command chaining to be able to test T=0 cards.J08nY2019-03-138-29/+121
| * Fix invalid points in the invalid test suite (some were not padded).J08nY2019-03-0715-431/+431
| * Do not use certain keys in cofactor test, as they are really not cofactor poi...J08nY2019-03-061-20/+25
| * Fix some keys in invalid test suite, add "random" test option.J08nY2019-03-0615-92/+111
| * Some fixes in wrong test suite, better ordering of tests.J08nY2019-03-046-39/+37
| * Add better semi-random generation of inputs in tests.J08nY2019-03-048-42/+172
| * Many fixes to cofactor, edge-cases and misc suites.J08nY2019-02-289-10/+84
| * Fix some wycheproof vectors, fix edge-case test.J08nY2019-02-282-19/+20
| * Fix build.J08nY2019-02-281-5/+5
| * Add better loading of keys to standalone.J08nY2019-02-285-100/+115
| * Fix setting key parts in ECDH util function, fix exports of large keys.J08nY2019-02-262-11/+12
* Allow endless ECDSA and ECDH running, add info on test options to help.J08nY2019-02-2514-26/+58